Using Subsets to Create Patient Groups

It is often helpful to be able to group patients into smaller sets, with criteria defined by your team.  Within the LSTMonitor system, there is the ability to assign patients to pre-defined groups, with dropdown menus for assignment, to assist with viewing the groups of patients.

There are five pre-named Subsets: Region, Location, Pool, Other, and Team.  They can be renamed to whatever your team needs them to be named.  Your LST account manager can rename the Subsets for you.  They can also add the “Subsets” icon to your list of applications on LSTMonitor, so that your team can create the options on the dropdown lists.  

Let’s look at an example.  Perhaps your team would find it useful to be able to distinguish patients in different regions.  There is a Subset for regions readily available.  Let’s say for your patient population, the regions are North, South, East, and West.  You will need to locate the Subsets icon.  Often, this is found in the “Management” menu.

Select the subset you wish to customize.  Enter the name of the option to be listed, click Save, and add the next.  Continue until you have all of the options listed for the specified subset.  You can re-order the list on the display by using the Display Sequence field.

On the Patient Demographic screen, you can go to the Options section, find the Region field, and assign a region from the list of options you created.  Click Save

Now that you have these subsets set up and populated, you can use them for search criteria.  If you want to see the list of patients of a specific subset, from the Patient Search screen, click the Advanced Options 

then the Category tab.  There you will see the Subsets.  You can select single or combinations of Subsets to modify your search.