Cloning Departments

The m.Care system has a mechanism in place for “cloning” departments. This mechanism is designed to copy the configuration and the majority of the contents to a new department when the new department is created.

Typically, cloning is done by setting up what we would call a “Template Department”. The template department is configured the way we would want a new department to look. It doesn’t contain any patient data, just the configuration and resources needed for setting up a like department. The LabCloner then takes this template department and copies it to a new department.

When you use the LabCloner, you are prompted for the fields needed to name the new department and to assign responsibility for the new department. Further, you are allowed to select the department content that can then be copied, leaving all selected or selecting just items of interest for the new department.

When you have filled out the LabCloner fields, you click the Save button on the top right and the lab is created and ready for use.