Surveys – Monitor

Surveys are used for a wide variety of purposes in m.Care. Some institutions send out a daily survey to their subjects to check in quickly with how that subject is doing. Other institutions send out a customer satisfaction survey. Whenever there is a need to get answers back for a set of predefined questions, a survey is the ticket.

Within the Monitor, you can create surveys. When you do so, basically, you give the survey a name, create a collection of questions to be asked and provide selectable answers to those questions. Once you are done creating the survey, you can distribute the survey to your subjects. The surveys are displayed to the subjects using the app’s survey applet. The subjects are notified about the arrival of the survey and they can then take and complete the survey or decline to take it. Whatever happens with the subject and the survey, the Monitor keeps you informed.

To learn more about surveys, you can review the following topics:

  1. Creating a survey
  2. Adding questions and answers in a survey
  3. Distributing the Survey
  4. Reviewing the Survey Results