Monitoring Plans

m.Care understands that the user experience needs to be configurable based on the needs of the care team and subjects being monitored in a department. One of the mechanisms for configuring is something unique to m.Care called “Monitoring Plans”.

When you create a monitoring plan, you give it a name and a brief description of how the plan is to be used. You fill the monitoring plan up by describing the event triggers you want the plan to listen for and then providing the actions that should trigger given that event.

In a hospital setting, it is common to have a monitoring plan for various different disease states. For example, maybe you’d have a monitoring plan for diabetics and a different plan for folks with COPD. You may also have plans that apply to all of your patients that aren’t disease state specific.

How are Monitoring Plans Assigned?

A department can have any number of monitoring plans. These monitoring plans are assigned to specific patients, classes of patients or all patients based on the needs of the department.

After you create a monitoring plan, you assign that plan to the patients you want to be monitored with the plan. You can assign it to all patients in the department or you can assign it to a specific patient.

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