Importing Members

To facilitate setting up your department, m.Care has a mechanism that will allow you to import team members. The import process takes a CSV formatted file of information about new care team members and upon upload, creates accounts, memberships and optionally enrolls members into teams working on specified shifts.

Importing the CSV file saves you and your team a number of steps. If you have your team member register outside of the uploaded file, they have to first activate their account and then accept the invitation to join your department. Using the CSV file upload makes those two steps automatic. Assuming the file has been successfully configured and uploaded, the system will automatically create user accounts and memberships for those listed in the file.

STEP 1:To get started, download a copy of the following CSV file and fill it out.

Now that you have the CSV file, you can fill it out with the information about your care team in this file in preparation for upload.

An asterisk (*) next to a field name denotes a field that is required. All other fields can be left blank.

(*) Email Address: The user’s email address which will act as their user ID on the m.Care system.

(*) Password: A password for the account. It should follow the guidelines you’ve set up for your department.

(*) Privilege Level (just the number): Indicate the privilege level this person should be assigned (such as 4000). Only the number should be entered, not the privilege level’s name.

User Class: Enter the name of the user class, if any that should be associated with this account. If this value is blank, the user will not be associated with a user class.

(*) Call By: Usually the first and last name of the individual being registered

(*) First Name: First name

(*) Last Name: Last Name

Cell Phone: Cell phone number… strip out the special characters if you’d like.

(*) Work Phone: Work phone number… strip out the special characters if you’d like.

Work Phone Is Visible To Subjects: Set this to “Y” if you want this person’s work phone number to be visible to the subjects serviced by your department. Default is “False”

Cell Phone Visible To Subjects: Set this to “Y” if you want this person’s cell phone number to be visible to subjects. .Default is “False”

Accepts Messages: Set this to “Y” if you want this person to be able to get messages from your subjects via the app. Default is “False”

(*) Menu: The name of the menu to assign for use on LSTMonitor.

Home Screen: The name of the screen that should appear when the person logs on.

(*) Dashboard: The name of the dashboard that should display by default. This is a “Laboratory Level” dashboard and displays by default when the user logs in and navigates to the dashboard display.

Shift: The name of the shift that this person works. If you do not set the “Team” column, then shift is ignore. If you are having the system place your person onto a team, then the shift is the name of the shift that this person works as defined by the Shift application on LSTMonitor.

Team: The name of the care team you want this person inserted on to. If this field is left blank, then the individual will not be placed automatically on a care team.

Hide PHI: Place a “Y” in this column if this person is to be denied access to Patient Health Information. Defaults to False.

Ancillary: Indicates whether this staff member is an ancillary staff member. Defaults to False.

Restricted Search: Place a “Y” in this field if this person is to have their searches restricted. Defaults to False.

Default Patient Search: If you have placed a “Y” in the Restricted Search column, this column should contain the name of a previously saved patient search that should be used by the member when searching for patient on the Subject Search screen.

Ext. User ID: Typically the user ID of this person on a connected EMR.

STEP2: Go to the Department Notebook Members Page on LSTMonitor. You must have permissions to access this page. If you do not, contact your m.Care department manager. Once there, click the Import button as shown in the following screen clip:

STEP3: Confirm, confirm confirm… that you have a CSV file and that it follows the format specified on the Import File page….

STEP4:Choose the file you wish to upload in the Select the File To Process section as shown below, then click Import.

STEP5: Your are DONE! Go someplace and celebrate your brilliance! You know you deserve it! 🙂