Department Options

The Department Options page is a page displayed in the department notebook. To see and work with this page, you must have sufficient authority.

The options page is filled with less commonly used options when setting up a department. These options and there purpose are described below and for clarity purposes, the department name is ad type is redisplayed on this page:

Customer – This link is only available if you have System Administrator access to the Monitor. The Customer Link allows a group of departments to be grouped together under a single customer account. This setting is used if you switch departments while viewing the monitor to help you find the department you want to switch too.

Institituion – A department may be linked to an institution and an institution may be linked to multiple departments. An institution connects the department with information about the EMR system. All departments sharing an institution by definition use the same EMR system and the same prescription system. To use the medication tracker applet, the department must be connected to an institution.

Caregiver Lab – This is the name of the lab that contains caregivers for the subjects in this lab. A department may have a caregiver lab or it may not. If it does have a caregiver lab, than subjects in the department can be connected to caregivers which gives those caregivers rights to see a subject’s data in the method prescribed by the subject.

Nutrition Section

The nutrition section has the following options:

Food Menu Option – If the department offers foods for use/purchase by subjects in the lab, they can be connected to the menu of the department for viewing and selecting those foods.

Meal Plan – The meal plan defines by default for subjects who don’t have their own meal plan, the number of meals to be captured in a day and the nutrient rules and cards that will display and affect patients in the department.


Default Measurement Plan – Selects the measurement rules plan that will be used to measure “in range/out of range” settings for the department’s subjects.

System Unit of Measure – Defines the unit of measure used for measurements… like US units or metric for example.

User Interface

Autodial Enabled – If a department’s computers support it, turning on this feature will make it so that an additional button displays beside any phone number which when clicked will dial that phone number. The department’s phone system and computers must support the tel:// url format for this feature to work.

Uses Default Menu – The default menu is a preconfigured menu of options commonly used to get started when creating your department. Once a department is up and running, it is often common that the default menu is turned off in favor of replacement menus that have been developed that support the privilege levels in use by the department.

Uses System Config Menu – Similar to the default menu, the config menu is automatically created when a new department is added. You can turn off this menu just like the default menu once your department has developed replacement menus that support the privilege levels you’ll use in your department.

Discard, do not keep, subject search – By default, the subject search screen remembers the last search performed using it. This option turns on and off whether the subject search remembers the last search entered or not.


Logo Graphic – You can use this option to overlay the department logo graphic displayed to the subjects on the iDevice subject dashboards.

Store Backdrop Graphic – Departments that offer a store front can tailor the graphic used in the background of the store “table” when the treasure chest app is run by a subject.

Monitor Web Site Logo – Use this graphic to overlay the top left graphic on the monitor to provide a custom look and feel for your site that represents your department best.


Status – This drop down configures the way new subject/patients are brought into your department. Some departments support open enrollment whereby a subject can decide they wish to join a department and have the department watch over the subject. Other departments, more commonly, restrict their enrollment to just those subjects that they enroll in their department.