Adding Questions to a Survey

Using the monitor, you can create a survey. Here, we will describe how you go about adding questions and answers to a survey.

After you create your survey, the next thing to do is to assign questions and answers to the survey. You start this process by first clicking the Questions tab of the Survey sub-notebook.

From the questions tab, you will see a list of questions that have been associated with the survey. The questions list shows you the question name. To review the answers associated with the question, click on the Select link next to the question.

To add a new question to the survey, click the “Add Another…” button above the list of questions.

When you add a question, there are a few things to fill out. First, of course, you need the text of the question. Perhaps you enter a question of “Do you like Dogs?” as your first question.

The next decision is to decide on the question type. The question type can be either single or multiple choice. If you choose single choice, then the subjects will only be able to choose one answer for the question. If you choose multiple choice, the subject will be able to select more than one answer.

The next decision is how you want the answers displayed to the subject. Choices include:

Buttons – The user will be presented with a list of buttons and will click on the button that corresponds to their answer

Slider – The user is presented with a slider that they slide to the correct position to choose their answer.

Image Only – The system will display pictures that you upload for each answer and only those pictures for each answer.

Single Text Entry – A simple text entry field is presented, no answers other than the text entry field are shown.

Completion – This is a special feature that allows you to display a completion message when the user has reached this question in the survey

One Line Round Buttons – Each answer is represented by a round button all positioned next to each other in a single line.

After selecting how you want the answers to display, you specify any instructions you want presented to the subject when they take the survey and are ready to answer this question. The instructions text appears above the answers as displayed to the subject.

Categories allow you to group answers together for purposes of scoring. If you wish to have the system score your survey (kind of like a quiz) you may wish to lump questions together in a category and then develop a score for that category all by itself. If this is the case, you set up categories on the survey and then you connect your questions into the category.

If the survey is being treated more like a quiz, you can decide how many points a correct answer on the quiz is worth.

The system can display a message to the subject if they get the question correct or incorrect. On this screen, you can specify what is displayed to the user in these situations.

There are a series of check boxes you can fill out to help determine how the survey behaves. These include:

  1. Use Large Pictures – If the question has pictures associated with it, you can indicate that the system present those answers using larger pictures. Doing so does sacrifice space for any text associated with the answer.
  2. Hide this question – If you are not ready for the question to be viewed by the subject, for instance if you are adding it for later use, you can “Hide” the question.
  3. Require – When selected, the user will not be able to move beyond this question until they have provided an answer.

Picture To Display – When the survey is presented to the user and the question is asked, you can have a picture display next to the question text. This is unlike the answer pictures… this picture is used to display at the top of the question and is part of the question. For example, your question might ask “Do you see any dogs in this picture” and then have a picture of something with dogs in it presented.

Adding Answers

Now that you’ve indicated what you’d like to have the question be, you can now add proposed answers to the question. To get started, on the questions screen, select one of the buttons shown in the image below.

Add True/False – The system will automatically add a True and False answer to the question

Add Range 1..5 – The system will add answers numbered 1 to 5. I use this one frequently. The system creates the 5 answers and then I override the answer text with the answer I wish to display.

Add Range 1..10 – Same as 1..5 but adds 10 answers

Add Strongly Agree…Disagree – Automatically adds a range of answers from Strongly Agree to Strong Disagree

Remove All Answers – Removes all previously entered answers.

In the above screen clip, you can see that I’ve created 5 answers for my “Do you like dogs” question. Note that I can overtype the answers and arrange how the answers display using the display order.

If I would like one of the answers to be a write in answer, I can check the check box next to that answer.

If I am using the survey more as a quiz, I can reward points for an answer.

I can use the links next to each answer to upload pictures to display for the answer.

The last column allows me to specify special “actions” I’d like to have taken if someone selects that answer.