Creating a Survey

Using the monitor, it is easy to create a survey. To get started, you’ll click the “Surveys” application in the main menu bar of the monitor (which menu the Surveys application appears varies by installation). In the screen clip below, the “Surveys” application is highlighted.

When you start the surveys application on LSTMonitor, a list of previously created surveys is displayed. (The list may be empty if no one on your team has created a survey yet). The list lets you search for a survey by name.

To create a new survey, click the “+” button at the top of the list.

After you click the “+” button, a new page displays that lets you describe the survey and provide basic attributes of how the survey will be used.

In the screen clip below, a survey is being created named “A Simple Survey”. The page has a collection of sub-tabs on it that show up once you have saved your survey for the first time.

Basic – Shows basic information about the survey

Questions – Provides the list of questions associated with the survey

Title Page – Lets you define a title page that will display to the subject when they open the survey.

Question Categories – Allows you to group questions into categories. Categories provide for an additional level of “scoring” capability for your survey.

Monitoring Completion – This tab allows you to indicate how you want to monitor the completion of survey questions, due dates, etc.

Distribution – Surveys can be distributed more than one time. The Distribution tab shows the list of the distributions that have been completed for the survey.

Most Recent Results – Displays graphics show how the last survey distribution fared with the subjects in terms of their answers.

There are a set of buttons displayed at the top right of the survey as well. These buttons are:

  1. Save – Looks like a diskette… allows you to save changes you’ve made to the survey
  2. New – Looks like a blue piece of paper with a plus sign on it… allows you to create a new survey.
  3. Delete – Looks like a trash can… allows you to delete a survey
  4. Copy – Looks like two pieces of paper in a stack… Allows you to make a copy of a survey
  5. Share – Right facing arrow…Allows you to share a survey to another department so that they might copy it for their own use.