m.Care – Monitor

Welcome to m.Care! Here, you will find a wealth of information on using the m.Care monitor application for managing patients remotely.

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We’ve prepared an introductory video for you. Take a look and afterward, check out the rest of this site for extensive information about the m.Care monitoring platform.

There are 3 logical pieces of the m.Care platform.  There is the subject facing front end of the system which typically runs on a tablet or a phone and is used by the patient to interact with the system.  Next, there is the monitor application which is used by the care team members to work with and communicate with the patients.  Finally, there is the EMR connectors which allow sharing of data to and from the m.Care platform.

This section describes the second piece of the m.Care application, namely, the Monitor.

The Monitor is the web based application used by the care team to communicate with patients.  The monitor is a highly configurable web site filled with features that you may choose from to best manage your patient population.  Whereas there is a LOT of functionality built into the monitor, you may choose to only use a part of the monitor that provides the kind of care you hope to provide to the subjects within your care.

The monitor allows you to:

  • Grant access to other team members to that they too might work with the subjects in your program
  • Enroll subjects into your department so that they might benefit from the services you are offering
  • Set up the tools you wish to use with your subjects
    • Surveys
    • Books
    • Messaging
    • Competitions
  • Decide on how you want to monitor your subjects
    • Monitoring Plans
  • Decide how work should be done by your team in support of the subjects
    • Pages
    • Tasks
      • Task Types
  • Administrate security granting access to only those features you wish the subject or care team members to use
    • Privileges
    • User Classes
    • Protected Health Information

Let’s get started by reviewing the main concepts behind the monitor.

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