Distributor Teams

A distributor’s department can have one or more distributor teammates working within the department and one or more dealer teammates working with the department as well.

Teammates, in order to use the monitor, must be added to the distributor department by one of the distributor management team or IT support group. When a user with the authority to enroll other teammates into the monitor signs on, they can click on the ‘Team” icon on the top menu bar to review the team members working within the department.

Clicking on the Team icon on the menu bar then brings up a list of team members that are currently enrolled in the department. Team members consist of distributor and dealers. Dealer team members are shown in the list with a small “building” icon located next to their name along with their assigned dealer ID as shown in the list below:

Adding a Distributor Teammate

If a distributor wants to add a new distributor teammate (ie, not a dealer) to the department, they do so by clicking on the “New” button to the top right of the display (looks like a piece of paper with a + sign on it).

Clicking on the “New Teammate” button presents the following page. On this page, you fill out the name of the teammate, their email address (which should be unique to the teammate) and their mailing address information. You also specify the various phone numbers in use by the teammate and what timezone they work in. After filling out these fields, you click the “Save” button (looks like a diskette at the top right) to save the dealer record. When you do so, the system automatically generates a password for the teammate and presents that to you. This information should be given to the teammate so that they can sign on and begin using the monitor.

Adding a Dealer

The process of adding a dealer is very much the same except that you click the “Building” icon on the top right of the teammates list to add a dealer.

Similar to adding a teammate, the dealer should be added using the fields presented. Fill in the dealer full name in the Dealership Name field and the name and contact info for that dealership in the remaining fields. Ensure that you capture the correct timezone for the dealer.

When you are done filling out the dealership enrollment form, click the Save button (diskette in the top right). The system will respond by creating a new user ID and password that is assigned to the dealer. That user ID and password should be shared with the dealer when you are ready for the dealer to begin enrolling subscribers and selling devices.