The distributor view allows a member of the distributor team to work with the monitor application to manage a set of devices, enroll dealers and assign devices to those dealers.

Distributors are represented in the monitor as “departments” (or “labs”). When a new distributor is signed up, a new department is created for that distributor. The department connects together:

  1. Distributor teammates
  2. Dealer Teammates
  3. Devices purchased from the manufacturer by the distributor
  4. Subscribers
  5. Caregivers

A distributor teammate, using the monitor, is a user that works for the distributor. The teammate has an account (a user ID and password) that they use to sign on to the monitor.

Dealers are users that are also associated with the distributor department. Every dealer has a single user ID and password that they use to sign on and manage the devices that they are selling, connecting the devices to the subscribers that purchase the device.

The system represents the devices in a list. A device can be either assigned to a subscriber or not assigned.

Subscribers are the people being monitored by the device.

Caregivers are family members or friends who help to watch over the subscriber. They receive notifications of issues concerning the subscriber using the mobile app. Caregivers have accounts (a user ID and password) for each caregiver. The caregiver is connected to the subscriber by the dealer when the dealer enrolls the subscriber and connects that subscriber to the device.

When a distributor signs onto the monitor application, they are presented with two key things as shown in the screen clip below:

  1. A menu bar of tools
  2. A list of devices assigned to that specific distributor

The distributor menu contains the following tools, located at the top of the web page:

  1. Subscribers – A list of subscribers who have been signed up and are using the device
  2. Devices – Presents the list of devices being managed by the distributor and the distributor’s dealers
  3. Team – A tool that allows the distributor to enroll other distributor teammates into the department to help manage the dealers and devices and that also is used to enroll dealers.
  4. Enroll – A button to enroll a subscriber. Both distributors and dealers are capable of enrolling subscribers.
  5. Messages – Allows a distributor to receive messages from subscribers and caregivers that are using the mobile app.
  6. Tasks – A list of tasks showing work that has been assigned to the signed on distributor.
  7. Profile – The user profile of the signed on user, containing name and address information about the signed on user.
  8. Help – An application that will display help text for guiding the dealer on using the display.