Dealer Help

Thank you for deciding to become a dealer! We hope you find this system easy and enjoyable to use. This application has been developed to assist you in your work with your distributor to place devices with subscribers.


The terminology used within the application is designed to model the standard manufacturer, distributor, dealer model. The manufacturer is the company that is building the devices for this application. The distributor purchases devices from the manufacturer and works with dealers to sell the devices to subscribers.

As a dealer, you will work with the distributor to obtain devices for sale. You will then place these devices with subscribers that sign up to use the system.

When a device is in use with a subscriber, that subscriber may have family and friends that wish to participate in the health care of the subscriber. We call these family and friend members “caregivers“. One of the unique features of this program is that it comes with an iDevice app that can be used by both the subscriber and the caregivers to help care for the subscriber. This iDevice application is available on the various app stores for the iDevice in use (such as the iOS App Store or the Google Play store).

Enrolling Subscribers

As a dealer, you enroll subscribers and caregivers that wish to make use of the device and integrated app. Enrolling a subscriber is a simple matter of creating a subscriber account and assigning a device to the subscriber. Once a subscriber account is created, you can connect that account with a set of caregivers which will allow those caregivers access to the integrated app to aid in watching over the subscriber. The system provides you the tools to enroll and assign caregivers.

Managing Devices

The system provides you with a simple mechanism for tracking devices that have been assigned to you by the distributor. This tool will help you assign subscribers to free devices and will help you understand the level of device inventory that has been assigned to you.

As a dealer, you’ll assign devices to subscribers using the devices you have in stock. Each device is assigned a unique IMEI number. Connecting a device to a subscriber involves enrolling the subscriber (providing names and address and standard demographics) along with specifying the IMEI of the assigned device.

Subscriber and Caregiver App

There is an app that is available to the subscriber and caregivers within the program. This app, as stated earlier, is available for download on the App Store that is appropriate for the user’s phone or tablet that they intend to use.

The purpose of the app is to communicate with the subscriber and caregivers of findings from the device. As an example, as a caregiver of a subscriber, you will be notified when a subscriber uses the SOS button or has a fall detected by the device. A caregiver can see the location of the subscriber as last known by the device and can also see other caregiver locations if their location is being shared. The caregiver can also communicate with the subscriber and other caregivers using the messaging system built into the app.

When the subscriber uses the app, they are presented with a collection of “Cards” that they can use to navigate the app. The cards present information gathered from the integrated device, like the person’s location, the battery charge level of the device, any alerts that have been signalled, etc.

Signing on to the Dealer Application

Using the Dealer system requires that you have an account created for you. If you do not have an account (with a user ID and password assigned) please contact your distributor to obtain your credentials.

Once you have your account, you can log onto the system using your assigned credentials and when you do so you should see a screen that looks something like the following:

Dealer First Screen Seen

The above screen clip shows two important things to understand:

  1. There is a “main menu” of icons displayed at the top of the screen. These icons represent features of the application that have been configured for you to use.
  2. Device Search area – By default, after you sign on, a list of devices that have been assigned to your dealership is presented. The screen clip above shows that no devices have been allocated for this dealership at this point.

Dealership Main Menu

The dealership main menu is a collection of icons that display at the top of the page. You click on the icon to start that application feature.

As an example the following icons are configured to display for each dealership in the program. Click on the links below to learn more about each feature.

  1. Devices – Clicking this icon allows you to review the list of devices being managed by your dealership account.
  2. Enroll – Clicking on this application allows you to enroll a new subscriber and to assign that subscriber a device.
  3. Messages – If any of the subscribers or caregivers in the program send you a message via the integrated app, that message is visible by clicking this icon.
  4. Tasks – The application includes a task management system that may or may not be in use for your dealership. If it is, any work that has been assigned to you is visible through the task list.
  5. Profile – This is the user account information that is set up for your use. It contains your name and mailing address information.
  6. Help – Presents help text for using the application as a dealer.