The Medication app lets you:

  • Keep track of the medications you have on hand
  • Remind yourself when to take a medication
  • Record when you have taken a medication
  • Keep track of medications that you should not be taking
  • Share your medication and medication history with your care team
  • See medications as recorded by your care team

Medications are organized similarly to your medication cabinet at home.  You record any and all medications you have on hand in the app.  When you take a medication, you simply select that medication and tap a button to record you’ve taken it.  The app remembers when you took it and knows how many pills should have been taken and records this information for you.

You can also record when you missed a medication.  Doing so helps your care team understand what might have been the cause for missing the medication and provides them with an opportunity to make sure you’ve taken the medications that are critical to maintaining your health.