Map User Location

The map you are viewing presents information about the location of either yourself or one that you provide care for and optionally those that are caregivers.

When the map is first presented, information about the previous location of the user is used to locate the person on a map. If that person has a picture associated with their user profile, the person’s picture is displayed on the map. If the person does not have a picture associated with their user profile, a pin is dropped on the map showing the user’s location. You can go to the Profile app for the user and assign a picture if you wish.

Note: The maps show approximate locations of the person being monitored and the caregivers that work with that person. GPS coordinate locations are not perfect. The coordinates are estimates of where that person has been based one the best available reading of the GPS coordinate of that person by the device used to capture the location. As an example, if a person is inside a building the GPS coordinate may be “off” compared to the actual location of the person as the GPS signal is weak within a home.


A geofence is an area on a map where the person’s movements in and out of the area can be monitored. Any geofences that have been set up are drawn on the map using either a round circle or rectangle depending on the shape of the fence. A pin is placed in the center of the geofence. Tapping that pin tells you the name of the fence.

Caregiver Locations

Caregivers, whose location is known, may also be shown on the map. Caregivers are denoted by pins or their picture of their profile has a picture associated with it.

The caregiver that is closest to the person being monitored is displayed within a small box at the bottom of the map. In that box is also a “call” button that, when tapped, calls that caregiver’s phone. If no caregiver locations are known, the box does not display.


You can turn on auto-refresh by tapping on the action icon on the bottom toolbar and then taping on Auto Refresh. If you do so, the map will automatically refresh all caregiver and person being monitored’s locations every 15 seconds.

Show Path

You can turn on Show Path by tapping on the action icon on the bottom toolbar and the tapping Show Path. If you do so, the map will display the locations throughout the day of the person being monitored and the path they took to get to those locations.

Home Fence

You can turn on and off a geofence very easily for a person’s home address. Simply tap on the Home Fence menu item in the actions. To turn the fence of, tap it again. If the home fence has been established, a check mark displays next to the Home Fence menu option.

Advanced Fences

If advanced fencing is required, you can use the Advanced Fences tool in the Action menu. Tap Advanced Fences and the system responds by showing you a map where you can navigate around the map and place and size geofences as appropriate.

NOTE: Whereas the system does allow you to specify circular geofences, it is important to note that not all devices used to capture geofence breaches can handle a circular fence. More devices can handle rectangular regions than circular geofences.