Starting An Activity

After you’ve selected an activity from the activity list, you may choose to run that activity.   There are several steps that the system goes through to prepare and run an activity.

  1. The content of the activity is downloaded from our servers.  As the activity downloads, an animation briefly displays showing the content as it is retrieved.
  2. After the content of the activity is retrieved from our servers, any instructions for running the activity are displayed.  Please review these instructions when presented as they will help to ensure you get the most out of the activity.
  3. Next, the activity will begin to play.  What happens next is up to the person who has designed the activity, but typically, graphical images and sounds are presented and these images will often times allow you to interact with them.
  4. As you interact with an activity, our system tracks those interactions and records them for analysis to help your care team determine your progress through the activities.  The system tracks things like how long you’ve used an activity, where you’ve touched and, if you have enabled eye-tracking, what was on the display at the time you were looking at the display.
  5. An activity may automatically conclude, or it may wait for you to indicate you are done using the activity.  At any time, you may press the “Pause” button in the top right corner to pause the activity.