Running an Activity

Our system comes complete with literally hundreds of activities with new activities being created each day.   You can view a list of activities from the Activities List screen.  On this page will be a list of activities that you may run.  The activities may have been created by you, or your team or may have been shared by other groups using our system.  To get started, navigate your way to the Activity List screen.  It looks something like the following:

Activity List With New Button Showing


From this screen, you can run an activity by touch the activity picture (or the arrow on the big green chalkboard if the activity doesn’t yet have a picture).  When you start the activity, the activity display screen appears.

Activity Editor With Instructions for New Activity

The Activity Display Screen may show a set of instructions if instructions have been written to accompany the activity.  After reading the instructions, you can touch the OK button.  If your activity does not include instructions, you will see a short animation as the system loads the graphics and sounds for the activity and then fades to black when ready.

At this point, you can begin the activity by clicking on the “Play” button (right pointing arrow) on the navigation bar at the top of the activity.  When you press that button, the activity will begin and you’ll be allowed to interact as specified by the activity designer.

When the activity runs, statistics about your interaction are captured.  The statistics are sent back to your team so that you can analyze the results of the activity’s execution for the specific user.  If you have sufficient authority, you may look at those results and see how well the user did with the activity.

Pausing an Activity

When an activity is run, it may automatically determine when it has completed, or it may wait for you to indicate you are doing using the activity.  At any time, you may press the “Pause” button on the activity navigation bar to stop the activity from running.

When you press “Pause”, the system will prompt you asking what you wish to do with the results of the execution of the activity.  You may:

  1. Pause, allowing you to restart the activity from where you left off
  2. Quit, discarding all statistics
  3. Complete, marking the activity as complete and sending statistics up to your team.

If you elect to “Pause” the activity, you may restart the activity from the beginning or start from where you left off.  To restart the activity from the beginning, tap the “Rewind” button in the navigation bar.  To simply start from where you left off, tap the Play button again.

Turning On Look Detection

Some activities will request that you enable “Look Detection”.  Look detection is enabled during the running of an activity by touching the smiley face button on the navigation bar.  Activities can use information about whether or not you are looking at the display to tailor the way they perform.  “Looks” are also correlated with items on the display to help your team understand what was visibly present at the time you were looking at the display.