Activity Statistics

When an activity is run, statistics are gathered by the system and correlated with the user that is running the activity.  The statistics are shared with that user’s care team so that the care team can monitor and understand how well the user was able to interact and learn from the activity.

Statistics gather typically include:

  • The number of seconds the activity was run
  • What was touched
  • What was seen

These statistics, once captured, are sent back for analysis by the care team to our secure servers.  If you are particularly interested in seeing the statistics gathered during the execution of an activity, you can do so!

When an activity is in the “Paused” state, the “More” button (looks like “…”) appears on the navigation bar.  Touching the “…” button displays a list of advanced options.  One of those option is “Show Events”.

More Window Displayed During Running of Activity

When you touch “Show Events” you will see the raw statistics captured by the system during the execution of the activity at the point in time the activity was paused.

Activity Events Log Sample