Activity Display Advanced Options

The advanced options display presents a list of actions you can take that are related to the display and running of an activity.  The items presented depend on the state of the activity and the rights that you have for working with the activity.  For example, if you were the author of the activity, you may see additional items in the Activity Display Advanced Options panel compared to someone who is just running the activity.

Activity Help – When an activity designer creates an activity, they may specify instructions for how to use the activity.  If you touch the “Activity Help” button on the Activity Display Advanced Options panel, the instructions for running that activity will re-display.  Normally, those instructions display at the beginning of the activity after it has been downloaded, but this item will let you review the instructions once again.

Turn On/Off Speech – Some of the activities have the ability to speak to the user.  If this level of interactivity is not desirable, you can turn off the playback of speech using this option.  You can also turn it back on by tapping this item if speech playback has been previously turned off.  A check mark next to the item indicates that speech is turned on.

Show Events – As an activity designer and user, you might be interested in understanding the data captured by the activity runner when the activity is used by a user.  By tapping on Show Events, you’ll be able to see the events logged as the activity runner logs them.  This can be a handy tool for the activity designer.

Activity Advanced Options

Activity Advanced Options Display