Adding Other Shapes

So, when we first started out learning about activity editing, we were able to create an activity that basically showed a yellow square on a blue background.  Well, that’s nice and all, but what if we aren’t square people??  What about circles or triangles?  Couldn’t we use some variety?  Fortunately, the activity editor has your covered.

I’m starting from the following spot… my blue background with a yellow square.

Blue Background Yellow Square Running

It’s nice, it’s colorful, but it’s square.  So, let’s spruce it up a bit by adding some shapes.  After placing yourself in “edit” mode, touch the “+” button at the top of the display.

Add Item on Blue Background

From the “Add Item to Activity” window, choose “Ball”.  Then, press “+” again and choose “Triangle”

Square Ball and Triangle

When I did so, my activity looked like the above.   My yellow square was kind of overlayed by a red triangle and a blue ball appeared on the display.  Next, I touched the red triangle and move it away from being on top of the yellow square, and i made it bigger.

Turns out, the same finger motions I used with my yellow square work just as well with triangles and round balls.Square Ball Triangle

And, even cooler, just like the square, I can set the triangle and ball to display a picture of the world famous “Jami!” by first making the triangle the “currently selected item” and then bringing up the property inspector (“hammer/wrench” button)

Triangular Jami.png

So, squares, balls and triangles… they all work very much the same.  You can size and move them with your finger, you can set their color, and you can set pictures within them.  There’s all kinds of flexibility in laying out your activity using these three shapes.  You’ll be amazed at what you can create.