Activity List Display

From the Activity List Display, you will be able to review and search collections of activities and you’ll be able to create new activities of your own.ActivityListView

The Activity List Display, by default, presents a list of activities you have access to or have created.   All activities have a name and a description of their intent.  They may also optionally have a picture which previews the look of the activity to help you identify an activity of interest.

When you sign up to use our system, a repository is created for you in which you may store any activities that you create.  In fact, each team that uses our system has the ability to create activities and place them in their own repository.   Some teams also have the ability to share activities so that your team can use the activities the other team has created. This is a great way to obtain access to the innovative activities created by others that may prove useful for your team.  As an example, the CVIConnect team shares out their activities so that you may run those activities with your patients/students, or perhaps use one of their activities as the basis for a new activity you wish to create!

To search for an activity, you can type a full or partial name of the activity into the Title entry field and then click the “Search” button (it looks like a magnifying glass.  When you do so, the activities that match your search criterial are displayed.

To add a new Activity, tap the “+” button in the top right of the display.  Doing so will present the Activity Detail Page where you can type in the specifics of the new activity you wish to create.

To review an existing activity, touch the button to the right and just above the title of the activity.  Doing so will display the Activity Detail Page.

To run an activity, tap the “Play” button or the activity’s picture.

To edit an activity, tap the “Edit” button (looks like a paint brush) near the title of the activity to be edited.

By default, the system displays just those activities created by you.  If you’d like to look through activities created and shared by others, you can do so using the prompt to the right of the “Title” entry field.