Within m.Care there is a software program that is given to the subject to use while they are receiving care from the care team in a department.  This app is composed of a collection of applets and menus that are selected by the care team based on the kind of monitoring they are planning to provide to the subject.

An example of what a “typical subject” might see is shown below

The app is downloaded from either the Apple App Store or through the Google Play store depending on the device in use by the subject.

In the above screen clip, the display being shown is called the “Dashboard”. Dashboards can be configured by the care team to include any “Cards” that they wish the patient to see when they first start the application on their iDevice.

Dashboards can be kind of “chained together” to make up a menuing system whereby the patient clicks on one of the cards and receives another dashboard as a response. An example of this is the “Communication” card shown above. Touching on that card displays another dashboard that the care team has constructed and named “Communications”

Other cards on the dashboard may display graphical content, charts, pictures etc. Commonly though, the cards, when touched start one of the applets that are included in the m.Care app. For example, touching on the “Video Conferencing” card above starts the video conferencing feature of the app which places the patient into their video conferencing room.

There are a LOT of cards to choose from and a pretty significant number of applets that can be started from the cards. The following list allows you to navigate in and learn more about each applet available in the m.Care subject application.

Available Applets

Today’s Plan







Video Conferencing



On Call



Video Logs