User Interface

To begin using the CViConnect Pro platform, you must first sign up to use the system.  During the sign up process, you will be issued credentials for accessing the system which will include a uniquely assigned user ID and password.  Using these credentials, you will be able to access both the iPad and web site.

Let’s assume you’ve gone through the sign up process and already have your credentials in hand.  Using a modern web browser, navigate to and go ahead and sign on using your credentials.  When you do so, you will be presented with a screen we call the dashboard as shown below.

CVI Dashboard.png

The dashboard presents information to you about how to use CVIConnect Pro, along with news information and relevant data that will help make your use of CVIConnect Pro simpler as days go by.

Main Menu

At the very top of the page, right next to the CViConnect logo is the area we call the Main Menu.   The main menu has a collection of icons on it.  These icons help you navigate to the primary features of CVIConnect Pro.  They include icons to:

  1. Dashboard – Navigates you back to the main dashboard screen as shown above
  2. Students – Lets you review and search through a list of your students and from their select a student to see more information about that student and their work with CVIConnect Pro.
  3. Enroll – Let’s you enroll a new student
  4. Activities – Presents a list of activities that you may run with your student.
  5. Resources – A library of educational information that you can use with your students
  6. Messages – A tool that will allow you to communicate with the families of the students in your program
  7. Team – Allows you to add other team members to your group so that you can all work together with your set of students
  8. Profile – This is your user profile information.  It will display information like your personal name and address… information used throughout the site
  9. Help – The integrated help system that allows you to learn more about CViConnect Pro