Students List

The Students List application allows you to search for a student and then when found, select the student so that you can begin to review and work with that student’s information.

Student List.png

The students list allows you to search for a student by last name or by student ID.  The students list is smart in that it remembers the last search that you performed and re-presents that list again on your next usage.

When you sign up to use CVIConnect Pro, a student is automatically enrolled for you that you can use to learn more about CVIConnect Pro.   This student’s name is Test Student.  To locate this student, type “Student” into the Last Name field and then click the blue magnifying glass icon.  Doing so will present all students whose last name is equal to “Student”.

To enroll a new student, you may press the “Enroll” button on the menu bar.

As stated earlier, the students list attempts to remember your last search so that when you come back to it the list of students presents the previous search results.  If you want, you can clear those search results by pressing the gray “Not Sign” button just to the right of the Search button.

The button with the down arrow next to the “Not Sign” button allows you to download the list of students as selected into a spreadsheet form (.CSV file) for use in offline applications.