CViConnect Basic Concepts

CViConnect is a set of software tools designed to assist in working with students who have Cortical Visual Impairment, or CVI.  It is not the only tool someone would use to work with CVI students, but it is designed as a way for the parents, teachers and students to work together to help these students improve their personal skillset.

CViConnect was originally released as a tool that parents could use to work with their family members who have CVI.  Using the tool, parents could run visual activities with their students where the visual activities were created by the CVI specialists at CViConnect.  As these activities were run, statistics about the students progress were shared with our CViConnect TVI specialists.  Our TVIs then used this information to present increasingly more complicated activities to students to aid in their progress.  The tool was primarily used by families who did not have access to their own TVI through their state or school system or for families who were looking for additional things they could do to help their children.

CViConnect Pro takes the CViConnect concept and makes it available to the hundreds of specialty trained Teachers of the Visually Impaired who are working with CVI students around the world.

What you can do with CVIConnect Pro

The CViConnect Pro system allows you to:

  1. Work with and track progress for multiple students
  2. Work together with other staff members sharing information as you go
  3. Use CViConnect activities, with perhaps your own modifications or create brand new activities on your own, while you work with your students
  4. Use the built in CVI Range score system to calculate range scores for your students
  5. Assign activities for families to work on at home
  6. Communicate between family members and staff
  7. Perform various assessments using the built in assessment tools

CVIConnect Pro Software Components

The CViConnect Pro software systems is made up of three logical pieces:

  1. The original iPad application used by families to run activities at home
  2. A web based application that teachers from around the world can use to help monitor CVI student progress and to plan activities for these students
  3. A new iPad application that allows a teacher to:
    • Work with multiple students using a  single iPad
    • Develop their own activities for working with students
    • Use the CVI Teacher Web site

As a teacher, you will probably find yourself most often using the iPad CViConnect Pro application.  This application allows you to do everything you need to do as a TVI including running activities with your students while automatically tracking progress.  The CViConnect Pro application is available as a free download from the Apple Store.  It is an iPad application and requires you to have iOS 11.x or better installed on the iPad.  This means that if you don’t have an iPad running, or capable of running iOS 11.x, it will not be able to run CViConnect Pro.

The web site allows you to use the vast majority of the CViConnect Pro application found on the iPad, with the exception of designing and running activities.  Activity running and editing MUST be performed on the iPad.

So, what this means is if you have a computer that has a current web browser on it, you’ll be able to work with the majority of the CViConnect platform without needing to use your iPad.  For example, you can enroll students, review results, create a CVI range score, etc, from using your PC without having to get out your iPad.  This makes it really convenient for you to be able to access CVIConnect Pro from a wide variety of machines and locations… just remember you can’t run or edit activities from the web site.