Care Teams

Care teams represent a named collection of staff members that play a named role in the care of a patient given a shift.

You use the Care Team List and the Care Team tool to define a care team. Then, you assign that care team to a patient. This assignment dictates who will be assigned certain kinds of work by the system as the new work is identified. The assignment also is presented to the patient so that they know at any given time who is available for them to contact.

Care Team List

The Care Team List is a tool on the monitor that allows you to see the care teams you have set up. When you click on the tool, a list of care teams is presented. You can subset the list by partial team name or by the region and location the team serves.

Tap or click on the team name to review more information about that team.

Care Team Detail

Each care team is required to have a name. That name should be set up to be descriptive of the purpose of the care team. The care team can also be assigned to a specific region or location. When you assign a care team to a specific location, only those folks within that location will be able to see the care team.

The most important part of the care team is the team assignment. Team assignments lists team members by name and assigns the role the team member will play in the care of the patient. In the screen clip below, we can see that Robert Jones is playing the role of the doctor on the care team. What this means is that any work that is generated by the system and needs a doctors attention will be assigned to Robert if this team has been assigned to the patient that generated the work.

Notice that Robert is assigned as the Primary. It is possible for a care team to have more than one person playing a specific role for a patient. For example, in the list below you’ll see that two people have been assigned the role of care coordinator. When new work comes in and needs the attention of the care team member playing the care coordinator role, which person should the system choose to receive the work assignment? If there are more than one person available with the selected role, the primary is the one that will be listed as the primary owner of any task created.

Shifts dictate out when a person is available to play a particular role. Tap here to learn more about shifts.