Adding MobileHelp Devices to m.Care

Within m.Care, MobileHelp devices can be assigned to patients. This assignment allows us to receive data from the MobileHelp device and then determine which patient sent in the data. To get this to work requires some set up per patient and device on m.Care.

Adding a Piece of Equipment

First, we need to set up the device. We do so by clicking on the “Equipment” icon on the top menu bar of the web site.

Clicking on Equipment brings up the Equipment List. The list present represented the equipment that has been set up and connected to the current department.

To add a new piece of equipment, click the blue and white “Plus” sign in the top right corner of the equipment list display. This will bring up the equipment detail screen.

On the equipment detail screen, we need to select the correct equipment type and model and we need to specify the serial number of the equipment that is being used. Record the following in the specified fields:

  • Equipment Type = Tablet
  • Equipment Model = MobileVitals (ClearArch, Tablet)
  • Serial Number = The serial number of the device being registered.
  • Asset Tracking Number = The serial number again
  • Short Name = The serial number again

Once these values have been filled in, click the Save button (diskette) in the top right . When you do so, if things went well, you should see a picture of the kind of equipment you’ve just registered.

At this point, you will have registered the equipment with the system. The next step is to associate the equipment with a patient

Assigning the Equipment to a Patient

Now that the equipment has been registered, we can tell the m.Care system who is using the equipment. By making this connection, when the equipment registers a measurement we know which patient the measurement came from.

While still on the equipment screen, click on the Disposition History Tab. If you are not on the Equipment screen, make your way back to it by first clicking on the Equipment icon at the top of the display, then selecting the piece of equipment you wish to register).

The disposition log keeps track of who had what piece of equipment and where that equipment is thought to currently be. You can use this display to assign the equipment to the patient.

At the bottom of the display, assuming the device disposition is currently not checked out, type in the following information:

  • Notes = Why you are assigning the equipment
  • New Location = Patient House if assigning to a patient’s home.
  • Expected Return Date = Date you want to receive the device back from the patient
  • Assign To = Click the Pencil icon and select the patient from the list using the subject/patient search icon as shown in the below screen clip (type in the last name or ID of the patient, click the blue magnifying glass, then select the patient from the list)

When all of the above fields have been filled in, click the “Check Out” button. At this point, the equipment will be recognized as being connected to the patient you selected. If the device sends data (like a measurement or survey), that data then will be assigned to the patient.

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