Remote Expert User Guide

This is the user guide for the NetCCN Remote Expert user. Please review the quick start guide provide here along with the detailed information about completing the tasks commonly assigned to the remote expert.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Create a Virtual Ward 
  • Review Your Patient List 
    • Note: If a local caregiver invited you to consult on a video conference in today’s simulation, you should see the name of the patient you consulted on in your list.

Create a Virtual Ward

From a web browser, navigate to

This site will allow you to create a Virtual Ward in the NETCCN pandemic monitoring program. Upon completion of enrollment, your information will be reviewed by NETCCN and you will be notified when you have been approved. You will receive an email and text message with your login credentials, as well as links to the application.

Note: For the purposes of Task 1, please indicate your role as Doctor and choose 2019-2020 Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic to provide services for. Other role options can be created as needed such as Physical Therapist, Nurse, Advanced Practitioner, etc. There can also be multiple epidemics, pandemics, or disasters accepting enrollment at the same time. 

For demo purposes, your account will be automatically approved and you will be provided your credentials at the end of registration. 

Accessing the Care Portal

Option 1: From a web browser, navigate to

Option 2: Use the link provided in your enrollment email to download the m.Care Monitor app to your smart device

Enter the Username and Password you were provided to log in

Once logged on to the system you will be presented with a landing page, your Dashboard, that has instructions for use and access to the features you may need. 

Request for a Remote Expert

During a video conference, a local caregiver can request a remote expert to join their conference with a patient. 

If you are requested to join a session, you will receive a text message with a direct link to join their conference in real time. 

Video Controls

Review Your Patient List

Select the Patients activity from the menu to review the patients that have been assigned to your care. 

Selecting a patient from the list will open their chart and allow you to review recent vital signs, survey data, messages, and more. 

Use the Filter icon to search through your list by location, care team, and more. 

Navigating a Patient’s Chart

After selecting a patient from your Patient List, the patient notebook will open.

Several tabs are available on the left side to help you monitor, triage, and communicate with your patients.

There are three basic types of notebook tabs

Data: Demographics, Overview, Vitals, Surveys, Progress Notes

Communication: Messages, Video Conference, Journal

Other Set Up: Care Team, Standards, Appointments, Education, Documents, Consent Forms

Sending Messages

You can communicate asynchronously with team members or patients through secure messaging. Select the Messagesicon from the menu. 

Note: If you have any messages waiting, a red bubble will appear indicating the number of unread messages. 


Sending a New Message

Select the + button in the top right corner to begin a new message. Enter the Message Content and select Add More to choose the recipients. You can select Patients or Co-workers. Once completed, the send button will appear in the top right corner 

Responding to Messages

From the Messages list, click on the conversation to mark the message as read           open the patient’s chart          or respond to the message 

When you respond to a message, the patient will receive a push notification on their smart device if they have enabled notifications.


This activity allows you to enroll fellow team members into your Virtual Ward. Click the Add a New User button      to register a new team member for the first time. Similar to the process for enrolling a patient, the Yellow highlighted fields are required. Upon completing the registration, a window will display their NETCCN credentials. Select the Send button to email or text the credentials to the team member. 

Click the Add Existing User button       to add a team member to your Virtual Ward who is already a NETCCN member of a different Virtual Ward. Enter their User ID (usually an Email Address) and assign the appropriate settings. The team member will receive an email invitation to join your Virtual Ward. 


Your Profile is where you can manage your account and settings. You can select how you want to receive notifications for different alert severities (email, text, etc.). 

To receive alerts via text message, ensure your cell phone number and phone company are entered correctly.

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