Patient User Guide

This is the user’s guide for the NetCCN Patient.

Quick Start Guide: Patient

  • Enroll self into monitoring program portal
    • For demo purposes, please enter an address in the state of Texas
    • Virtual Wards will be set up by region. For this demo, the individual playing the role of the Local Caregiver will also be enrolling in the state of Texas, to ensure you connect in the same Virtual Ward to continue the simulation. In reality, there may be multiple Virtual Wards within the same region. In that case, the patient will randomly be assigned based on Virtual Ward census. 


From a web browser, navigate to

This site will allow you to enroll yourself and dependents in the NETCCN pandemic monitoring program. Upon completion of the enrollment form, you will be sent a text message and an email with a link to download the monitoring app to your smart device. Your account credentials and a one-time code to use to log in will be included.  

Accessing the App

From the home page of your smart device, tap on the NETCCN app. When prompted, choose to enable notifications.Use your username and password, or the code provided, to sign in. 

You will be presented with a Consent Form to sign. Review the document, and sign on the line with your finger (or a stylus pen). Select Done. The page will refresh, and you will be presented with a welcome video, and all the tools you need to monitor your health. 

Note: As you navigate through the app you will be prompted to give permission to things like your Calendar, Microphone, Camera, and Location. To optimize your usage of the app, be sure to accept these prompts. You can check your phone settings to ensure you have allowed the app access.  

Monitoring Tools

Daily monitoring will consist of entering your pulse oximetry and temperature, as well as completing a 2-question survey. You will see these activities listed under your plan for the day. Select each item to complete them. 

Your local caregiver will be alerted if you report any concerning symptoms or vitals. 

Daily Survey

Answering the survey questions every day will allow your local caregivers to address any concerning symptoms that may develop. 

When asked “How do the severity of your symptoms compare to yesterday” selecting a response of Slightly Worse, Worse, or Much Worse will prompt you for more information. You will be given the choice of recording a video or writing in your journal. This information will be reviewed by your local caregiver. 

Note: You may need to scroll down to see all response options. 


Write a message to describe your symptoms or other concerns to your local caregiver. Use your keyboard to type or tap on the microphone to speak your message. 

Record a Video

You will have 30 seconds to record a video to send to your caregiver. Tap the Start button at the bottom to begin. Tap Stop when you are finished. If you need to re-record your video, tap Restart. When you are satisfied with your video tap Send.  

If your symptoms require further assessment, you will receive a message in the app from your local caregiver with further directions (refer to the Messages section)

Pulse Oximetry and Temperature

Your vital signs can be reported by manual entry, or by using Bluetooth enabled devices to transmit readings to the app. If your vital signs are out of range, you may be prompted to recheck them. 

To manually enter a measurement, select the Measure tile then select the measurement type. The date and time can be adjusted to reflect when the measurement was taken. 

*Optional: utilize the equipment provided to simulate Bluetooth transmission. The app is pre-loaded and the equipment is already connected. To take a measurement, tap on the Measure tile. Tap the + button in the top right corner and select the measurement type. Select your device from the list, then begin your reading. When the measurement is complete you will see it transmit to the tablet and confirmation that it has been sent. 



The platform enables you to communicate directly with your local caregiver through secure messaging. 

To start a new message, select the + button in the top right corner (or pencil writing on paper icon), and select the caregiver you want to message. Tap the white box at the bottom of the screen to access your keyboard. You can also attach a photo to the message, by tapping on the camera. 

When the caregiver responds, you will receive a push notification to your smart device if you have enabled notifications. 

Request Appointment

If you need to connect with a local caregiver directly, you can request an online appointment. You will be able to connect with your caregiver via a secure 2-way audio/video chat. 

To request an appointment, select the + button in the top right corner, and select the type of appointment. Include the reason for your visit in the comments. This allows your caregiver to prioritize your request. 

Appointments are served on a first-come first-serve basis unless otherwise decided by your caregiver. On the app Home page, you will see a new tile indicating your place in line. You will be notified when your appointment is about to begin. At that time, touch the link on the Home page to join the Video Conference. 

Additional Tools


The Education tile includes resources to help you manage your health at home. A library of videos and documents are available to you on demand from sources such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). A few examples include: How to Stop the Spread of GermsWhat To Do If You Are Sick With Coronavirus Disease 2019, and Coping Skills for Anxiety and Worry.


Stay up to date with current news headlines. Staying informed allows you to make educated decisions for yourself and your family. 

Take a Break

During unprecedented times, attending to your mental health is just as important as your physical health. This tile includes videos and exercises to reduce your stress through relaxation and movement. 

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