Working a List of Subjects

In many workflow environments, a care team member may be tasked with needing to contact a set of subjects/patients. Typically, a care team member constructs a list of patients in a spreadsheet and then contacts each individual member in the list, making a notation in the spreadsheet of when they have finished contacting a particular patient, perhaps by “checking them off” to denote completion.

The monitor application has a built in “patient list management toolset” that allows you to work a list of patients without having to download and manipulate a spreadsheet. This feature is available in the “Subject Search” page of the monitor.

The following screen clip represents a fairly common view of the subject search page. On this page, the user has set up search criteria to find all patients with the last name of “Kevern”. In our scenario, we are going to use this search criteria to build a list of patients that we need to work.

After you have set up your search criteria on the subject search page and pressed the search button, you will see a list of patients presented that meet that criteria. At the top right of the page, there is a button that looks like the standard “Save” button. When you click that button, the system presents a dialog. This dialog is asking you to provide a name for the list of patients. Here, we are just going to name the list “The Keverns” as shown in the following screen clip. You can name your list anything you’d like.

Also note that the system allows you to indicate whether you want to share the list with others, or just keep it for yourself. Here, we’ve indicated that we’ll just be using the list of Keverns for ourself.

The next trick is to simply tell the system that you wish to work from that list. You do so by expanding the search criteria in the subject search screen (clicking the filter button) and then picking the name of the list. Here, we’ve picked “The Keverns”.

Once chosen, we then click “Search” once again and now we will be shown the list of Keverns as we previously saved it. You can “get back to the list” any time you need by following the above steps… ie… go to the subject search screen, expand the filter, then select the list by name and then click Search.

Removing a Patient from a Saved List

Commonly, once you’ve worked with one of the patients in the list, you may wish to “remove them” to indicate that the work with that patient has completed, keeping the list to only show those patients that have not been “worked”. To do this, when viewing the list, an additional column is available (depending on whether or not your system administrator has granted you access to that column).

To remove someone from the list, simply click the “Remove from List” action.

Adding Subjects to an Existing List

If your care team manager has enabled it, there is a column on the subject search screen that has a link named “Add To List”. This is a handy mechanism that allows you to add another subject that may not have been on your original list, into that list.

For example, let’s say we decided that our “The Keverns” list needed to contain a new subject that didn’t happen to have the last name of Kevern. What we can do then is use the subject search screen to search for the new subject and then click the “Add To List” button to add that subject to the list.

When you click the “Add To List” button, the system will indicate which subject is going to be added. Next, simply select the list to add the subject to and click “Add To List”. That’s it.

The Add To List feature is a great way to make up a list of subjects that meet varying criteria that you can immediately select just by entering one set of search criteria. You use it to add members from any search into the list you previously saved.

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