Creating Your First Activity

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the steps to take to create your first activity.  We’ll keep the activity super simple and focus just on navigating through the application and getting a basic activity to run.

First things first… let’s get through what I’m going to assume you have done in order to be able to get to this point:

Assumption 1) You are a registered user of our platform

Assumption 2) You have your user ID and Password handy

Assumption 3) You have downloaded the CVIConnect Pro or m.Care iPad application onto your iPad

Assumption 4) You’ve signed on before to the application and have figured out how to get to the list of activities.

OK, so assuming this is all correct, then, if you haven’t done so already, go ahead and start the application.  If you are prompted for your user ID and password, go ahead and get signed on and navigate yourself to the Activities List display. ActivityListView

From the Activities List display, touch the “+” button.   It’s near the right top part of the display.

Touching the “+” button brings up the Activity Detail display.  On this display, you specify the title of your activity as well as the objective of the activity and any instructions you wish to provide. ActivityDetailDisplayEmpty

On the Activity Detail Display there are fields for typing in the title of the activity, the objective and instructions that should accompany the activity.  Only the title is required.  Let’s call your activity “My First Activity” and type it into the title field.  Next, click the “Save” button (it looks like a computer diskette).  At this point, you have created an activity, given it a name.  However, we haven’t specified anything about the activity,… things like what it should look like or how it should behave when run.  That’s ok!  We’ll get to that in a minute.  For now, navigate back to the Activity List

  • Click the “3 lines” menu button at the top right of the display.
  • Click on “Activities”

At this point, you should be able to find your activity in the list.  Go ahead and search for it by name.  Type “My First Activity” into the title field and press the “Search” button (magnifying glass).

When the activity list re-displays, you should see your activity in the list!  Yay!  Your first activity has been created!  If someone were to try to run this activity, it would be pretty bland!  Since we’ve not added any content to our activity, it would simply display as a black screen as follows.  Go ahead and tap the picture on the activity list of your activity so you can see what I mean….


Note that the system displays a white message pop up indicating this activity does not have anything to display.  Touch the OK button.  When you do so, nothing but a black canvas awaits!

Let’s correct that!  We’ll do something really simple by adding a green box to the display.  Do this:

Click the Edit button on the top of the display.  Doing so places you in “Edit” mode meaning you can make changes to the activity.

Not a  lot has changed, except for the menu bar!  You now have a lot of new options that display.  Keeping it simple still, touch the “+” button. EditModeAddItemList

When your press the plus button, you’ll be presented with a collection of items you can add to your display.  Tap the top item in the list labeled “Square”.   Look at that!!  A green square appears! EditModeGreenSquare

So, we’re accomplishing the goals so far!  You’ve created your first activity, given it a name and you’ve gotten a green box to display on it!!

Last thing to do is give it a try and run that activity.  To do so, touch “Done”.  When you touch done, the system is going to ask you what you want to do with the changes you’ve made.  You can either:

  1. Save your changes
  2. Save changes and exit the designer
  3. Discard your changes and exit
  4. Or simply do nothing


Let’s go ahead and select “Save Changes”.  This will save all the extensive work you’ve done so far 🙂    When you click save, you’ll see the activity display screen scroll your content off and place you back to the normal activity display mode.  In the top right corner, the “Play” button appears.   Go ahead and tap it!!   And there you go!  Your activity is running and your green square appears!


You’ve done it!  You’ve create your first activity and run it successfully all by yourself! Great job!  Now… wouldn’t it be fun if the activity did something more than just displayed a green box?……

For now, tap the “Pause” button to pause the activity.  You’ll be prompted for what you’d like to do.  Here, touch “Quit” and you’ll be back to the activity list with your activity showing in the list.




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